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Your comments

Watched As You Like It yesterday at the Appleby Castle in Cumbria and it was a thorough delight, the cast were enchanting and very professional. Well done to all.
Joanne Taggart (via Facebook)

Just seen you guys perform As You Like It at Coldharbour. Aren't you just brilliant. Loved it. Thank you and I do hope we'll see you again.
Peter Tindall

We really enjoyed the performance of Twelfth Night at Wyndcliffe Court last night. Excellent simple staging in stunning surroundings. But we couldn’t believe how hard the actors have to work! Two performances, different plays, with only just over an hour’s gap? Unbelievable. You all deserve medals for stamina.

We wish you well, look forward to a return visit, and hope that your funding (is there any?) continues/increases.

Thanks again.
Jenny Jones, Tintern, Monmouthshire

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REPLY: The Company does not receive any external Arts funding or commercial sponsorship, and exists only from the continued support of the appreciative audiences that come see us perform.

Just wanted to say thanks. My wife and I enjoyed seeing the sculpture gardens at Wyndcliffe Court. And then we had a great performance of Twelfth Night on Saturday. Many thanks to the actors.

It was memorable
Alan & Mary Giles

ps, This morning just read through the programme from cover to cover most interesting.

Just wanted to say a big Thank You for a wonderful show at Appleby Castle this afternoon – it was SO GOOD! The actors were amazing and the whole production was infectious. The costumes were brilliant too – really loved it.

Hope the rest of the tour is great.
Kate Gilman Brundrett

My 12 year old daughter, Nellie has never read or seen any Shakespeare until your production last year. So as well as a great night out and alternative being outside, I am considering this a great part of her education and really looking forward to this year's plays.

Shirley Bold, York

We came with a group of 13 ranging from 11 to 87 years old, looking at the weather forecast I wasnt to keen to leave the house, but come we did. And we thought you were fantastic, every character was very memorable, all of us loved all of you, the most memorable Shakespeare production any of us have seen, keep it up.

Anton Dikken

I just wanted to drop a quick line to praise you all for the superb work that you have done this year. My husband and I were recently privileged to be in the audience on sunday the 19th at Kensington Palace. What a treat for us both. We were only in the UK/London for 2 nights and struck out on a whim and chose your show with no prior knowledge of your work. We just wanted the experience of a performance live in the gardens.

We were both blown away by the caliber of talent and sheer genius that was displayed in your staging. We can't remember a time that we had seen Shakespeare done so excellently. Old William is surely smiling down on you and what you have done with his work.

I will be sure to post many compliments about your show and your troupe to as many as I can so that others are privy to your accomplishments. Thank you for a phenomenal evening in the park! A return trip to the UK will be designed specifically around catching another performance.

Blessings and congrats,
Jennifer Domingos

We have been to see Shakespeare performed in Castles, Parks, Houses and many theatres, including the Globe and Stratford. We have seen Ian McKellen, Kenneth Branagh and many more established Shakespearean actors and actresses in various roles. I have to say last night’s performance was right up there with them.

What a truly marvellous performance it was. Everyone was outstanding and so versatile. It really was a performance worthy of an award. How wonderful for the seasoned actors and actress to know they can pass the baton on to a new generation who are as committed and worthy as they are. We were waiting with baited breath to see how Ariel and Caliban would be portrayed as these are Siobhan’s favourite characters in Shakespeare’s works. We were not disappointed how mesmerising the two young men were and to think they are at the very beginning of their careers given a few years under their belts I cannot wait to see them then. I will be able to say I saw one of their first big roles and knew that they were destined for big things. I am sorry this has turned into War and Peace but we are still buzzing about the performance. We will certainly follow this company and will be at next year’s performances.

Once again thank you for presenting such a marvellous performance. It will be remembered up there with the best we have seen over a good number of years. I’m sure if the Bard was sitting in the front row with us last night he would have folded his arms put down his quill smiled and said “that’s how my works were intended to be performed”.

Encore Encore
Best Wishes and Bright Blessings to you all
Joanna McCormick

I must say how much I enjoyed tonight's performance. The staging worked brilliantly and many of the performances were excellent.

Many thanks
Daniel Knibb

I attended last night’s performance of The Tempest in Exeter and I’d be very grateful if you could let Jack Shepherd and company know how much I enjoyed it. It must have been quite a challenge to change venues at such short notice but, despite the excess of purple draylon swags in their new surroundings, their professionalism and energy overcame it all.

With good wishes
Kate Osborne